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Introducing Kanczuga.org

Welcome to Kanczuga.org. This site is set up to consolidate research into the Jewish community of Kańczuga. Up until WWII, Kańczuga, although a small town, had a very large percentage of Jewish residents. Kańczuga also served as the center point of the Jewish community of a number of surrounding towns and villages. All of this was destroyed during WWII, when the Nazis either deported or shot all the remaining Jewish residents of Kańczuga and all the nearby towns by 1942.

This site has several goals:

It is intended that anyone looking for information on the Jews of Kańczuga will be able to either find the information here, or be directed to the right place to find what you need. Consult the Existing Resources page, and the Organizations and Web Sites sub-pages for this information.

New research into the Jewish community of Kańczuga is being initiated through this site. There are currently four different original research projects in process or planned, and we will add more as ideas for original research are submitted. To see the big picture, see the Research page. Current projects include:

  • Landsmanshaft Cemeteries project, where we have already photographed hundreds of gravestones from sections of cemeteries purchased by Kańczuga Landsmanshft organizations, and will be fully indexing those gravestones in the future.
  • Archival Records project, where we are creating an inventory of Kańczuga records that exist in the archives in Przemysl (Poland) and L’viv (Ukraine), and will then copy and index records that are not already available through other sites.
  • Nearby Villages project, where we will be creating an inventory of records in the Przemysl (Poland) and L’viv (Ukraine) archives for 21 different towns and villages which surround Kańczuga.
  • CAHJP Project, where we will be copying and translating documents held by the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) connected to Kańczuga.

Collecting photographs and stories related to the town of Kańczuga, and the Jewish community that existed there. In addition to creating whole albums of photographs from contributors, we will also seek to have photo essays written, stories contributed as articles on the site, and we will allow visitors to upload images directly to our Public Album.

Building a complete family tree of the Jewish community of Kańczuga before WWII back through the beginning of the 19th century. This will be achieved through collecting sections of people’s trees that intersection Kańczuga and combining them all into a merged family tree.

The site welcomes suggestions for new research, new site features, content, etc. If you want to make suggestions for the site, or volunteer to work on research projects or on the site itself, please Contact Us. If you can help fund any of our research projects, or just want to donate to our general operating fund, please Donate.