Kańczuga is a small town in what was the Galicia region of the Austrian Empire, now Southeastern Poland.

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Kanczuga.org is set up to help consolidate all resources of interest to those researching their Jewish family from Kańczuga and the surrounding villages. It is our hope that this site will cover any and all resources that someone researching their family from this area will need to further their research.

This site also organizes and coordinates new research into the Jewish community of Kańczuga, including finding new primary sources on the Jewish community in archives in Poland, Ukraine and Israel, and collecting photographs and stories from researchers to share on the site.

Our guiding principle is to work with whichever organization best suites the work we are pursuing, and are open to working with any and all organizations that help contribute to Kańczuga research.

This site is a continuation and expansion of the research started on the Kańczuga Yahoo Group.

This site is managed by Philip Trauring, who is the Gesher Galicia town historian for Kańczuga, and also manages the Kańczuga Yahoo Group. Philip also blogs at Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More, and helps run the website of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) at genealogy.org.il.