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People born in Kańczuga that are in the 1939 German “Minority Census”

Thanks to Raphael Thurm for pointing out this additional online database that includes people born in Kańczuga. The web site Tracing the Past has a database of the 1939 German “Minority Census”, which it describes as:

    In May 1939 a census, or Volkszählung, was conducted in Germany (including annexed Austria and the Sudetenland) that required the head of each household to fill out a supplementary card, or Ergänzungskarte, which mandated marking the Jewish background of each of the resident’s four grandparents. By 1942, the cards of households with one or more residents with a Jewish grandparent marked on their card, the so-called “Minority Census,” were collected and and sent to the Reich Genealogy Office (Reichssippenamt), then located in a building seized from the Berlin Jewish Community, where the cards most likely survived through the end of the war.

    By the 1980s, the cards were in the custody of the State Archives of the German Democratic Republic in East Germany, and in the 1990s the cards were in the custody of the German Federal Archives. It was discovered that the cards are about 87% complete, lacking only for Thüringen, the Rhine Province, the districts of Erfurt and Minden, and several districts of Bavaria. Many of the districts included are areas that are now part of Poland (such as Silesia and Pomerania) and Russia (Königsberg / Kaliningrad).

In the database, there are fifteen people listed as having been born in Kanczuga. There is clear overlap with those listed in the German Gedenkbuch posted earlier. Presumably those that are the same were killed by the Nazis, and those in this list that are not in the Gedenkbuch either survived, or were killed by other people (the Gedenkbuch seems only to list those people who both lived in Germany and were killed directly by the Nazis).

If you go to the database you can find the address associated with the person listed below.

SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateResidence
SchimmelLeja1884-12-12Frankfurt A. M.

People born in Kańczuga that are in the German Gedenkbuch

The Federal Archives in Germany has an online Memorial Book, listing as they state on the site “Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 – 1945”. This memorial book lists Jewish residents of Germany that were killed by the Nazis, and contains some 170,000 names. Of those names, nineteen names are listed as having been born in Kańczuga, which I’ve listed below.

Keep in mind that these are only those people who were both residents of Germany and were killed by Nazis during the war. This list does not include residents of Kańczuga who were killed by the Nazis who never lived in Germany (most of them) or those residents of Germany that were killed by groups other than the Nazis (such as those massacred post-liberation on Passover in 1945 by local Poles – even if they had lived in Germany).

If you click on the Details link, it will take you to the page on the Federal Archives web site with details on the person, including if known where they lived before the war, and where to and when they were deported during the war.

SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateURL
DornerBreindel BerthaZellerkraut1873-02-10Details
FriedmannEfroim Ephraim1881-09-24Details
FuhrmannBenzion Bruno1894-08-06Details
NeumannPessel PaulaNeumann1888-06-26Details
PackSimon Simcha1911-10-15Details
PelzRegina RifkaMünzer1888-01-03Details
RauchFanny FeigaWiesenfeld-Karthagener1886-05-08Details
SaleschützChana Hanna1904-02-22Details
WolfLaja LejaGlanzberg1895-01-05Details