CAHJP Project

We’ve located eight documents in the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem that are connected to Kańczuga. We will get copies of these documents, get them translated, and if these are a significant number of names in any of them, index them for addition to an online database.

Looking for a volunteer in Israel to coordinate the copying and transcribing of these documents. Knowledge of Polish would be useful. If you live in Israel and would like to volunteer, please Contact Us.

Documents include (titles translated using Google Translate):

  1. supervisor for consideration Abuse Israelite religious community in Kańczuga Hersch Council Zwanziger and solutions because of unlawful municipal filling jobs rabbi in this community. Volume I.
  2. on consideration of abuse of superior Israelite religious community in Kańczuga the unlawful filling of jobs in the community rabbi. Volume II. etc.
  3. on the conduct of elections to the Jewish religious community in Kandczudze, with a list of names of members of the municipal nowoobranej. etc.
  4. on the conduct of elections to the Jewish religious community in Kańczuga.
  5. A list of the names of teachers chajderów their utrzymajÄ…cych in urban Galicia, etc.
  6. Statistical report on the activities of starosties Talmudic schools (chajderów). Volume II.
  7. In the meeting by the Deputy rabbinical functions in Kańczudzie Rabbi Joseph Westreich.
  8. Correspondence on the establishment of the Association of Jewish orthodox-sjonistycznego “Mizrachi” in m Kańczuga (Statute; inventory of the founders).