Archival Records Project

This is a project being organized with Gesher Galicia, as part of their Cadastral Map and Landowner Records Project, to inventory, copy and index records located in the L’viv and Przemysl archives that are connected to Kańczuga. The first stage of this project has already been funded, with the assistance of the Gesher Galicia matching funds program.

Kanczuga Fancy Script
Cover Page from 1819 Kanczuga Landowner Record Book

This project has the following stages:

    1. Initial Funding ($250 from participants, with additional $250 matching funds from Gesher Galicia) – COMPLETED
    2. Inventory of L’viv and Przemysl Archives – IN PROCESS
    3. Copying of found records – IN PROCESS
    4. Transcribing and Translating records

We are currently in the early stages of the inventory process. Inventory efforts have begun in L’viv and some documents have already been identified, including property owner records and Jewish community documents.

As there is time in between working in the L’viv and Przemysl archives, some copying and indexing from L’viv will start even before we begin doing an inventory in Przemysl. Also, depending on the number of documents found, we will likely need to raise additional funds to pay for the indexing process.

As records are discovered, we will be posting the detailed information on this page, so check back for updates.

November 25, 2012 – First Update
The following records have been located and copied:

  1. 1819 Property Owners Register
  2. 1820 Land Income Register
  3. 1833 Property Owners Register
  4. 1850 Property Owners Register
  5. 1889 Jewish Community Statute
    1. These will now need to be either indexed (for the lists) or translated (for the community document). Donors to this project will receive early access to the images of these documents. The final index, when available, will be freely accessible.