There are currently four research projects either underway, or in the planning stages. We can always use help with research, and if you’d like to help by transcribing documents/photographs, translating documents, etc. please Contact Us. If you have ideas for additional research projects, please also be in touch. We’re always interested in finding new sources of information for Kańczuga researchers.

The four projects are:

Landsmanshaft Cemetery Section Photo and Transcription Project
We have identified two cemetery sections connects to Kańczuga Landsmanshaftn in the NY metro area. We have already photographed the gravestones in each section, but now need to fully transcribe the gravestones and make a searchable database of the information available. This database will be contributed to the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR). For full details on this project, and the current status, please go to the Landsmanshaft Cemeteries Project page.
Kańczuga Archival Record Inventory and Indexing Project
We are working with Gesher Galicia to inventory all records in Polish archives connected to Kańczuga, copy them and index the data found in them. This project is part of Gesher Galicia’s Cadastral Map and Landowner Records Project. While we believe all the birth, marriage and death records for Kańczuga have already be located and indexed by JRI-Poland in the Przemysl Archives, we are looking for whatever else we can find, in both the L’viv and Przemysl Archives, and have already located property owner records and several documents connected to the Jewish community in Kańczuga. For full details on this project, and the current status, please go to the Archival Records Project page.
Nearby Villages Inventory Project
Knowing that families from Kańczuga frequently had relatives in the many surrounding towns and villages, we want to create an inventory of all records from the L’viv and Przemysl Archives that are connected to these surrounding towns and villages. Unlike the above project which already includes a plan and budget to copy and index records we find, this project is solely to create an inventory of what records are available in the towns. Once we have created a full inventory, we will determine what the next course of action will be (continuing the project, or spawning several town-specific projects, etc.). This project is also being done with Gesher Galicia, as part of their Cadastral Map and Landowner Records Project. For full details on this project, including the full list of villages we’re researching and the surnames we’ve been able to associate with those villages, please go to the Nearby Villages Project page.
CAHJP Project
The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) contains several documents connected to Kańczuga which we intend on copying and translating/indexing. We are looking for an Israel-based volunteer to help coordinate this project. For full details on this project, and the current status, please go to the CAHJP Project page.