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Kanczuga KehillaLinks pagehttp://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Kolbuszowa/kanczuga/kanczuga1.htmlKehillaLinks is a project of JewishGen to collect information on all current and former Jewish communities. The page for Kanczuga is managed by KRRG.
Kanczuga Yahoo Groupgroups.yahoo.com/group/kanczuga/Mailing list where research into the former Jewish community in Kanczuga is coordinated.
Siedleczka Cemetery Restoration Projectsiedleczka.orgThe cemetery is situated about 1.5 miles WSW of Kanczuga on the road to Siedleczka. This site documents the restoration of the site and has photos of the few surviving gravestones.
Virtual Shtetl Kanczuga pagehttp://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/city/kanczuga/
Slownik Geograficzny entry on Kanczuga (in Polish)http://dir.icm.edu.pl/pl/Slownik_geograficzny/Tom_III/802Slownik Geograficzny is a gazeteer that was published between 1880 and 1902. For info on abbreviations used, see this PGSA page.
Galician Jewish cemetery restored (JPost article, May 2008)http://www.jpost.com/JewishWorld/JewishFeatures/Article.aspx?id=102560Jerusalem Post article on the restoration of the Siedlezcka Jewish Cemetery, which served Kanczuga.
There are good Poles toohttp://israelinsider.com/Views1/12895.htmIsrael Insider article by Michael Freund on a visit to Kanczuga and the building that once served as the town's synagogue.
Memorial plaque to remember what happened to the Jews of Kanczuga, Polandhttp://www.ejpress.org/article/29877European Jewish Press article on the addition of a plaque in Kanczuga to memorialize the Jews murdered there during the Holocaust.
Kanczuga page on the IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Projecthttp://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/poland/kanczuga.htmlThe page describing Kanczuga and it's cemetery in Siedleczka, on the IAJGS's Jewish International Cemetery Project.
Missing Identity page on Grazyna LEWICKI (mother's name Schifmann) from Kanczugahttp://www.missing-identity.net/component/content/article/29-children-profiles/95-grazyna-lewicki-kanczuga-poland-bytom-poland.htmlMissing Identity is a web site for Holocaust survivors and their descendants to help find their families that they were disconnected from during the Holocaust.