Existing Resources

There are resources available to Kańczuga researchers spread out across the Internet, and of course in archives in Poland, Ukraine, and in Israel. This page is intended to be help people get started in their research into family from Kańczuga, and to see what resources exist for those researching Kańczuga and the surrounding area.

Start by checking out the lists of Organizations and Web Sites which are provided on separate pages. These will give you an idea of the scope of what is available.

On this page we outline where to get started in researching your relatives from Kańczuga.

JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)
The first stop in anyone’s research into Kańczuga or any other town should be the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF). While the Jewish communities of Kańczuga and the surrounding villages no longer exist, there are descendants of Jewish residents who left before WWII which may have the information you’re looking for about your family. It’s recommended that if you have not already, you go there and add the family name and town pairs to this database to help other researchers find you. After you’ve added yourself, be sure to search the JGFF for your family names and towns. As of this writing there are 48 researchers searching for 84 surnames connected to the town of Kańczuga. For more information on how to best use the JGFF, see this article on the JewishGen Blog: JewishGen Basics: The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF).

JRI-Poland has indexed the known birth, marriage and death records from the Przemysl Archives, which date back as early as 1851. For details on the records available, see JRI-Poland’s Kańczuga page.

JRI-Poland sometimes has records that are not public for some towns, so if you’re researching specific towns like Kańczuga, be sure to contact the town coordinators for the towns you’re researching and see what else might be available for the towns you’re researching.

You can search the JRI-Poland database for your family names, but be sure to add the town name Kańczuga (or whatever town your family came from) to limit the search. Go to the search page and search now.

Kańczuga KehillaLinks page
JewishGen maintains a series of town-specific web sites called KehilaLinks (previously called ShtetLinks). While many of the sites are maintained by individual volunteers with connections to the communities, some are maintained by organizations and specific interest groups with connections to the towns being described. The Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG) is a group that maintains a large number of KehilaLink sites for the towns in its region, a sub-region of Galicia centered on the town of Kolbuszowa. This region includes Kańczuga, and KRRG maintains the Kańczuga KehillaLink Page. This page contains a number of photo albums and essays related to Kańczuga, and is worth visiting.
JewishGen Community Page for Kańczuga
JewishGen has community pages that are generated automatically for each of the towns that are in their Community Database. These pages contain very useful information, such as a list of the geographically closest Jewish communities (with links to their pages), the location of the town on a map, alternate forms of the town name, links to other resources on the town, etc. The Kańczuga Page.